Xiaomi HyperOS Comes with AI Features

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi recently unveiled its brand new operating system – Xiaomi HyperOS, at a launch event in Beijing. This new OS aims to connect and integrate Xiaomi’s range of personal devices, smart home products and even electric vehicles into one unified smart ecosystem.

Xiaomi HyperOS focuses on 4 key pillars – optimized performance, intelligent connectivity, proactive AI and robust security. Let’s take a closer look at what this exciting new OS offers:

Hyper Refactored For Optimal Performance

The core of HyperOS combines Linux with Xiaomi’s own Vela system for maximum compatibility and performance optimization across devices. It supports over 200 hardware platforms and 20 file systems, covering thousands of products.

Advanced scheduling ensures smooth execution of tasks and games by dynamic adjustment of thread priorities. On smartphones with HyperOS, games achieve higher frame rates and lower power consumption compared to competitors. The lightweight nature of the OS with features like file deduplication means it occupies only 8.75GB on phones.

Cross-Device HyperConnect For Intelligent Connectivity

HyperOS breaks down the walls between devices with its unique HyperConnect architecture. The integrated device center allows real-time control of all ecosystem products from a single point – phone, tablet or laptop.

Seamlessly switch video conferencing between devices, access car cameras from the phone, use the tablet as an extended screen for a laptop, etc. Share content like apps, clipboards, and notifications between paired devices. HyperConnect takes Xiaomi’s connected ecosystem to the next level.

Proactive Intelligence With HyperMind

HyperMind is the AI brain within HyperOS that aims to understand user needs and automatically adapt devices. It uses environmental perception capabilities of devices – camera, microphone, sensors – to learn usage patterns and take appropriate actions.

For example, turning on living room lights when the door lock detects the user entering the home. Large foundation models empower HyperMind and system apps to deliver more personalized, context-aware experiences.

End-to-End Security Safeguards Users

User privacy is paramount for Xiaomi. HyperOS has built-in security features like biometrics, passwords, and TEE OS on dedicated hardware to safeguard sensitive data. Interconnected security modules ensure mutual trust between paired devices.

Open Ecosystem For Innovation

Xiaomi believes in open collaboration and has open-sourced its Vela IoT platform to enable faster innovation in the IoT space. Vela provides a unified interface across disparate hardware to simplify development.

Xiaomi HyperOS marks a major milestone in the company’s vision of delivering an AI-powered ecosystem of personal devices, smart homes, and electric vehicles. The new OS will come pre-installed on the newly launched Xiaomi 14 series and devices like Watch S3, TV S Pro 85″, and more. With its cutting-edge capabilities, HyperOS promises to take the Xiaomi-connected experience to new heights for its millions of consumers worldwide.

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