Xiaomi Launches AI Tester Recruitment Program for HyperOS – New AI Features Coming Soon

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has announced a HyperOS AI Tester Recruitment program for its latest mobile operating system, HyperOS. The company is looking to recruit Mi fans to test out new AI-powered features that will be rolling out in HyperOS soon.

In a post on the Xiaomi Community forum, the company detailed several new AI capabilities that will be enabled through the integration of large language models. These include AI Portraits, AI Gallery Search, AI Subtitles, Xiaomi HyperMind, and more.

AI Portraits will allow users to create avatars of themselves using AI algorithms. Users can then generate different portraits and explore different stylistic versions of themselves by providing simple text prompts. Xiaomi notes that this feature is still in early beta, so the quality is not yet stable. Usage will initially be limited to 10 avatar generations per month.

AI Gallery Search aims to make finding photos easier by using AI to recognize the content of images in local galleries. Xiaomi says this works best when devices are plugged in overnight, allowing the recognition algorithms to run without draining battery life. Search works best after downloads from the cloud are complete.

The AI Gallery Editor brings professional-level editing tools like expansion, cropping, and object removal to mobile devices through the power of AI. Features like AI Expansion and AI Erase Pro leverage generative algorithms to expand images or seamlessly eliminate unwanted elements.

AI Subtitles can provide real-time transcription and translation during video watching, calls, meetings, and conversations. An AI summary feature also condenses transcripts down to key information. Xiaomi HyperMind is a cross-platform AI assistant that learns user habits over time. It can then automate suggestions and control smart home devices based on those habits.

Xiaomi is initially recruiting testers who own a Xiaomi 14 or Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone. The company will push beta builds of HyperOS containing the new AI features to these devices in Europe starting at the end of March. Additional regions and devices will be supported later.

The company is also recruiting testers with the Xiaomi Pad 6 or Pad 6 Pro tablet to test out a new AI Art feature that will be provided via separate APK. AI Art enables users to create paintings and artwork with minimal effort or artistic skill.

Finally, Xiaomi will be providing all testers with free access to WPS Office’s new AI capabilities including PDF Insight for summarizing documents and AIGC for human-like conversations. Testers will need to provide their WPS ID to gain access.

By leveraging the power of generative AI through large language models, Xiaomi aims to bring sophisticated professional creative tools to everyday users. The testing program will help refine these offerings before wide public release. Interested Mi fans can register for the tester recruitment program through the Xiaomi Community site.

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